About two years ago, Kenya's strategic status as a high profile movie making location - was thrust into the global spotlight, after numerous episodes of the contentious film The Fifth Estate were shot on location in the country.

The intelligence disclosures linked movie's storyline is largely based on an adaptation of several books, but which critics consistently discredit as being a veiled attempt to camouflage the sensational revelations posted on Wikileaks.

A few years ago, the hell-raising whistleblower website, triggered a stir after its blatant leakage of highly classified documents culled from several American embassies. Produced at the renowned Steven Spielberg's studio Dream Works Pictures - the movie set back the international production house by an estimated dollars 28 million (Pounds 17.1m) in costs.

The plot of the dramatic thriller that is the Fifth Estate revolves around real-time scenarios, shedding light on a daring expose into glaring instances of global power deceptions and corruption schemes reportedly abated by previous US regimes.

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch - lead actor in BBC's Sherlock Holmes mini-series and also credited with roles in two The Hobbit movies, Star Trek into Darkness and 12 Years a Slave - stars in the movie.

Cumberbatch takes on the leading role of Julian Asange, the Wikileaks website founder. Numerous segments were shot in Kenya's capital Nairobi while various parts focusing on Libya and Iraq/Iran border were filmed around Lake Magadi area.

Despite its initial dismal reception in public movie theatres and box-office rankings, against the backdrop of a big budget marketing blitz bank-rolled by Disney, the film nonetheless raised Kenya's profile as a filming location.

According to Jim Shamoon [CEO] BlueSky Films, who managed the production locally, whenever a major film studio such as Dreamworks identifies filming locations in Kenya, it is an indication of the country's high status preference.

The trend is potentially likely to herald a return to big time movie-making offers. "There is a very good attitude in the current government and the liberal thinking has helped facilitate a lot of groundwork especially with regard to the facilitation of filming in sensitive locations," Shamoon is quoted saying.

Clip off the Fifth Estate flick