Art is widely described as being the mirror of society. Making use of his creative muses and an array of multiple colours, visual artist Sammy Lutaya captures typical lifestyle trends around him through his paintings.

The artist endeavours to stimulate a sense of happiness and contentment amidst a world mired in negative incidents ranging from strife, poverty, crime and multi-faceted social upheavals.

Although the bulk of his paintings explore varied artistic techniques, he depicts themes seemingly interwoven by a common thread - he mirrors day to day experiences pitched from an artist's perspective.

But more significantly, Lutaya ensures his artworks are simple. One can easily pick out women, for instance - carrying a basket on their way to the market, a child or a pot going to fetch water from the river.

"My art reflects typical experiences within the day-to-day cycle of life; these features are clearly articulated and not left to one's imagination," says the artist.

On basis of their titles, his artworks also celebrate the essence of the African woman. There is for instance, a series christened African Woman and Women from the Market.

Lutaya's paintings also aim to provoke the mind. "The use of imagination strongly brings to life, almost tangible feelings on canvas. It is pointless to paint if one's works of art are not visually appealing", he notes.

Numerous other pieces like Turkana Girl Child, I Wish You Were Here, Under One Roof and the Singing Woman are alluring and eye-catching.

"Most of these paintings are inspired by a consistent desire to pay homage to African mothers," remarks Lutaya.

His body of artworks serves the role of a visual forum, celebrating challenges and hurdles, often similar hence intertwined - faced