Virtually everyone with an eye for artistic creations craves hangs on their walls at home or workplace - a painting and a work of art. Consequently, one no longer has to visit art galleries, which until a few years ago, were few and often situated in out of way locations.

A growing number of initiated art lovers and enthusiasts are likely to encounter artistic creations in varied public spaces. Up market malls especially in Nairobi are breaking conventional barriers to showcase works of art.

It is no longer uncommon to stumble upon exhibitions mounted at restaurants, cultural institutions, halls or handful galleries ensconced in shopping malls regularly. This trend has ensured that the city's visual arts circuit gets busy throughout the year.

Several new galleries have opened their doors over last couple of years, joining the ranks of established art centres, wherein exhibitions are unveiled on average monthly basis.

The concept of showcasing visual arts in establishments is gaining popularity. It is no longer a surprise to bump into artworks or sculptural pieces decking out bare restaurant interior walls.

There are several outing options wherein the visual arts can be savoured, such as the La Rustique restaurant located on the fringes of Westlands and the Talisman restaurant off Ngong road.

The clientele here stream in for informal meetings; or to leisurely savour snacks, a pot of tea or freshly brewed juice.

Alongside the assorted Nairobi National Museums gallery spaces, and the GoDown Arts Centre - key commercial outlets such as the Village Market, Junction Mall and Yaya Centre regularly display visual art paintings, beadworks and sculptural pieces for retail.

For those with an eye for rare, unique art works and African cultural artifacts, they can savour the Murumbi Collection on showcase in the city's CBD at the Kenya National Archives' ground floor.

A casual walk around takes an hour or so as one samples the variety of rare African artifacts and material culture drawn from different parts of the continent.

Untitled painting | Artist : El Tayeb