Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore models Ali Athman & Yahaya Said from Lamu County

"Capture Kenya Challenge is a remarkable opportunity to showcase Kenya's beauty. Our people, culture, landscapes and life are vibrant and eclectic. We are inviting you to take a journey with us to discover the surprising, magnificent and #UnexpectedKenya"

This is an initiative rolled out by Safaricom Limited to reflect the tapestry of Kenya's magical locations, amazing beauty abound in our country's vast natural resources, cultural way of life, economic activities and communal lifestyle.

The call for participants entry guidelines reads in part "…the project presents photographers with the opportunity to show case their talent over a wide range of media including production of the Safaricom 2015 Calendar which is the major highlight.."

Last year marked the second edition of the photography driven challenge - focusing on the theme of 'Unexpected Kenya' which culminates in selected images, being featured in this year's calendar.

Shortlisted photographers among finalists included Kevin Ouma (documentaries), Jeri Muchura (a lifestyle photo-journalist), Sebastian Wanzalla ( people & portraiture), Amunga Eshuchi (documentary & conservation) and Osborne Macharia (commercial & advertising).

Each photographer was required to pick out a number in a random ballot, representative of various regions - ranging from the Rift Valley, Western Kenya, Nyanza, Central and parts of the Coast.

In a month-long excursion, each photographer, accompanied by an indigenous location scout, a producer, blogger and driver, visited different parts of the country. Their goal was to capture photos of some of the unexpected sceneries that make the country and Kenyans collectively unique.

Stories compiled by Emmanuel Mwendwa

Benjamin Seko Nareu - Maasai Cricket Warriors