Nairobi National Museum is hosting the launch of an exciting showcase of new works by international artist Amandeep Singh aka Inkquisitive. The trendsetting UK-based illustrator's creative muses are captured on numerous pieces on display at the Controlled Chaos exhibition.

Amandeep, often credited with intriguing and thought provoking artworks, is exhibiting for the first time in Kenya and East Africa. Some of his artworks boldly celebrate great Sikh warriors, besides hip-hop/pop music stars such as Micheal Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Justin Timberlake, Jhene Aiko, Pharell Williams, Jay-Z, Drake and even Brazilian soccer legend Pele.

Several of his illustrative creations also attempt to interrogate varied topics and myriad social issues affecting the Asian community, for instance, his tribute pieces which immortalize the Wisconsin shooting tragedy.

Prominent features in his past artworks are bound to range from imaginative sketches of Guru Gobind Singh, fleeting images of the Golden Temple to US President Barrack Obama alongside depictions of pop songbirds like Nikki Minaj.

Each of Amandeep's artistic creations is often enhanced by the skillful illustrator's enriching use of assorted vibrant colour shades. Similarly, the artist's Controlled Chaos exhibition has been hailed as "a radiance of colour, splashes and smudges, from which delightful forms of universal themes emanate"

Numerous other artworks on display have been inspired by various aspects of the Sikh Culture which Amandeep refers to as Sikhi Art. The artist is quoted in an interview, saying that most of his exhibitions are a reflection of "some sort of aspect of my life. Whether it's a lyrical song or an image of a guru, there's some kind of connection there. Most of the artwork I'm producing now is based on dreams," he said.

Notably, Amandeep is known to experiment with mixing mediums, in order to bring out a greater impact in his artworks. "I find inspiration in everything and involve the many factors influencing me within the art. Whether they are articles from papers cut out or passages I have read from books, the many elements inhale a certain distinction due to not having a limitation to what I do. It is something I will continue to do," remarks the artist.

Amandeep's work has also been featured at recent exhibitions such as Imperfection is Beauty [Melbourne, January 2015], Vaisakhi [London - April 2015] and Souled Out [California, New York, Toronto, Vancouver - 2013].