Coast movie maker Clifford Okumu's film "Tibani" scene

After several decades of navigating through the maze that is local TV stations red tape and indigenous content bottlenecks, enterprising Kenyan feature script-writers and film makers are now smiling all the way to the bank.

Demand for homespun content has been spiraling, as top regional pay-TV firm MNET's pursues its vision to tap into inherent East African talent by investing millions in productions meant to boost their programming menu.

For five decades, Nairobi earned distinction and recognition as a local film and TV production hub. However, numerous city-based producers, directors and actors are casting their creative tentacles wider, tapping into the reservoir abound in the lesser competitive Mombasa film making scene.

The coastal port city was for years renowned for its premium script quality Swahili productions aired exclusively on then sole KBC Swahili TV programmes menu. But over recent months, the tide has been shifting as Mombasa based production houses venture into enticing more established actors to not only spice up their movies but also diversify their substance.

Equally significant is introduction of indigenous productions on MNET's Maisha Magic channel, which encompasses multiple genres ranging from sitcom, telenovelas to reality and drama series. The rush for Swahili content was ignited soon after MNet East channel launch, stirring demand for local programming.