About three years ago, Kenyanised rap genge musician Nonini was invited by his videos producer, Willy Owusu to watch the screening of In My Genes - in which he is credited for Cinematography.

This moment had a profound impact and influence, marking a turning point in Nonini's musical career. In My Genes is an uplifting, 78-minute long documentary whose script was written, directed, edited and produced by Oscar Academy Best Supporting Actress award winner Lupita Nyong'o.

Notably, the production has won numerous accolades since it was launched. It candidly examines and addresses everyday challenges faced by individuals with melanin deficiency in their eyes, hair and skin, particularly found across East Africa's Great Lakes region.

As the credits rolled at the end of the screening, highlighting the predicament of people living with albinism, "Lupita said anybody in any career could participate in making their lives better and I felt convicted that she was speaking to me," Nonini is quoted saying.

Several months later on, the encounter inspired formation of the 'Colour Kwa Face' Foundation, which has been engaged in numerous campaigns with the sole purpose to sensitize the public on albinism.

The rapper composed a track titled Colour Kwa Face featuring singer Christine Apondi, which serves as an apt anthem song to rally around those willing to support the worthy cause.

As part of creating awareness, Nonini regularly organizes visits to special educational institutions, interacting with students living with albinism. They also besides provide them with tubes of much needed sunscreen lotions beyond the reach for many of these children.

Two weeks ago, Nonini's entourage comprised of musicians like Nameless and Kenzo among others, visited St Lucy School for the Blind in Embu, spending the day with the pupils besides making donations of assorted items.

A month ago, the 'godfather' of genge also organized a similar visit to St Luke's Home for the Visually Impaired in Kitui. "We were able to donate sunscreen lotions, foodstuffs and beddings - thanks to the support offered by our partners SportPesa and other well-wishers," says Nonini.

Nameless perfoms during the Colour Kwa Face event in Meru