Like a fledging phoenix rises from the ashes - the newly re-branded Florida club made recent a grand comeback on Nairobi's entertainment scene landscape. The re-launch in early February, marked the dawn of a new era for the night spot, previously known as F1.

Its brand new doors, re-opened barely months after its landmark, space-ship-like 'ancestor' was shut down and later demolished. Over the years, the club bears fond memories for generations of Nairobi's social urban scene and dance music party goers.

Scores among them were literally weaned on a medley of localized club, foreign-influenced funky re-mixes and pop hits played by disc-jockeys or songs performed by numerous home-grown bands during live concerts at the venue.

In its heydays, the formerly mushroom-shaped red and white club held on to a glowing and hard -earned reputation as Nairobi's top entertainment hotspot since the late 1960s. These were the years prior to its acquisition by the Florida Group of Clubs.

The re-branding of Florida has engraved the club as being one of the oldest entertainment night spot names still in circulation, besides serving as a nostalgic reference point for the city's disco music aficionados who partied from the 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond. Taking a walk-about on the set of this 'new' club now situated along Banda Street, ushers one into back into the past while savouring it's refreshing, new-look indoors ambiance - igniting the sparkle meant to re-invent Nairobi's legendary 1960s vibrant club scene.