Visual art showcases are regular fixtures, more so on Nairobi's monthly cultural events calendar. But in most other parts of the country, art exhibitions are virtually almost non-existent.

Numerous leisure establishments along Kenya's coastal strip occasionally host infrequent solo-artist displays. This prevailing scenario likely implies active artists and sculptors can only be found in the capital - Nairobi.

But a group of fledging artists based in Kisumu, have taken up painting brushes to capture and illustrate artistic muses on canvas, while making inroads beyond the County.

There are no professional art studios or galleries in the Lake Victoria region, with most artists opting to work from makeshift tables or tree shades at home.

Founded over five years ago by artist Patrick Adoyo, the Lake Basin Arts group, has over the years recruited almost two dozen other artists.

"Most of us are predominantly self-taught; some have at least acquired formal art training at the Catholic Church-funded Mwangaza Art School," says Victor Peko, an artist affiliated to the group.

This Kisumu town based art school runs a three-year diploma program. However, artistic materials, ranging from paints, canvases, oils, acrylics, brushes or easels - are costly and beyond reach for most beginners.

Working in an environment wherein the local community is largely not keen on the aesthetic value attached to paintings and sculptures, poses numerous challenges.

"The fact we are based in an informal urban setting, requires patience and determination to constantly transform our creative muses into paintings and sculptural pieces," explains Peko.

But over the past five years, some group members have managed to pool meagre resources to showcase their work beyond Kisumu. The artists' collective, eye-catching watercolours and oil on canvas pieces have featured regularly at several exhibitions curated in Nairobi - injecting a taste of fresh brushstrokes into capital city's art scene.

Their stimulating array of artworks range from unique egg-shells pasted on a fabric medium to deft pencil work, and portraiture pieces. These jostle for display space with etchings, acrylic on paper, fibre, wooden sculptures and mixed media pieces.

A dominant feature, leaping off these pieces, is liberal use of vibrant and warm colours. Some paintings are also defiant of abstract constraints - depicting day-to-day sceneries or activities likely encountered around the immediate lakeside city's environment.