Over the past half decade, there has been an evident upsurge in the formation of youthful musical groups or bands across the country. Among these fresh-faced music makers seeking to chart their path on the increasing competitive Kenya showbiz scene is the group GBT.

This acronym aptly captures the aspirations of the Ghetto Boys Talent - a group name that according to the upcoming musicians, seeks to reflect and identify their strong urban Afro-HipHop influences. All the members of group, which was founded in 1997 - hail from the Kenyan Coastal town of Malindi, specifically the Kisumu Ndogo area.

And like most boy bands, the budding musicians first met in primary school and began exploring their creative gifts by trying out freestyle rap sessions. Almost all of them grew up listening to American hip hop - a common staple for airplay on local radio stations rife especially during the 1990s.

Little wonder then that the GBT peers drew their inspiration from one of the era's most globally famous USA hip-hop outfits, Wu-Tang Clan and Naughty by Nature. There are distinct American rap elements evident borrowed and merged in their own songs!

At its initial conception, GBT comprised of Derik Tumaini Mlanda (Res- T), Habel William Kabaka (Jitu Zee), Moses Orengo (X-Trace), Anthony Mwakio (T-Blade/Pande Mbili), Michael Sanga Jilani (Blanco) and Mwarumba S. Jilani (K. Shadow).

However, some of the group's peers like X-Trace and T-Blade Pande Mbili are currently reported to be inactive musically. But it was not until around 2001 when GBT landed the chance to explore their prowess further in a music recording studio setting. The group was able to secure a session at the Tabasamu Records studio, and assisted to record their debut single track titled Boogie Zee - which was produced by Hassan Majid.

The hip hop single gained fairly massive reception and sporadic popularity from home-grown rap lovers in Malindi, Mombasa and Nairobi. Its popularity further also spilled over across the border, garnering airplay in some parts of Tanzania. This positive response proved to be a source of inspiration for the budding group, injecting a significant boost in their young musician's aspirations and ambition to make strides in the showbiz scene.

Recently, the GBT group were enlisted as a registered member of the Kenya Musicians Union (KEMU)
GBT has also recorded several other songs, in their quest to expand their audience base beyond the coastal region and break into the more vibrant Nairobi hip hop circles.

GBT - Fact file:

Genre of Music: Kaya Hiphop, Malindizm Hiphop, Afro Hiphop

Major Achivements

  • -Collaboration with Nyota Ndogo, track: Usiniache Pweke
  • -Collaboration with Abbas Kubaff, track: Mpaka Kuche
  • -Recording deal at Homeboys: Track: Mambo Shega
  • -Profiles in Buzz Magazine and Kilifian Magazine
  • -Berlin Tour at Calabash Club

Shows and Concerts

  • -PataPata Beach Club Malindi
  • -Stardust Discotheque Malindi
  • -Club Titanic Kilifi
  • -Diamond Club Kilifi
  • -Kalahari Club Watamu
  • -Shakattack Discotheque Diani
  • -Tandoori Bar/Restaurant Diani
  • -Crazy Beach Party at Oasis Beach Malindi, organized by Gich Boy.


  • -Boogie Zee - Tabasamu Records
  • -Mambo Shega - Homeboys Records
  • -Njooni, Step Ft. Susumila & Usiniache Pweke Ft. Nyota Ndogo - Green House Records
  • -Mpaka Kuche Ft. Abbas Kubaff - FP Records

Performance Tours

  • -Berlin Tour at Calabash Club in Berlin Germany October 2011
  • -Coast Night Festival at Mamba Village in Mombasa
  • -Road show with Pwani f.m to Eden Roc Hotel Malindi

Upcoming Projects: Mpera Mpera Album

Social Media Handles

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