Judith Bwire is a fast-rising singer, dance artiste and composer. She makes music using the nyatiti - having been exposed at an early age to East African bands Orchestra Lipua Lipua, Super Mazembe, Simba Wanyika, Les Mangelepa and Orchestra Virunga songs.

And even as she embarks on her journey to the world music stage, the artiste has gleaned enormous live concerts and stage presence experience. In the past, Judith has accompanied Kenya neo-traditional Luo music band Kenge Kenge Orutu System to the Womad Festival 2010 staged Spain.

Later in same year, the group performed at the International Spring Festival in Israel. Judith was also Kenge Kenge band's background vocals singer/dancer at the Malaysia World Music Festival 2008, in Penang city.

Her next stop was at Roskilde festival, Denmark (2008) and Roots Festival Amsterdam, Holland (2008). Judith also graced the World of Music, Art and Dance (WOMAD) Festival in London's Charlton Park (2008) as back-up singer and dancer.

Between 2003 and 2006, Judith toured Japan, engaged for dance laboratory series of performances with the Giriama Africa troupe. In 2004, she pitched tent in China for the month-long Chaoyang International Pop Music Festival in Beijing, joining artistes from nine [9] African countries.

Locally, Judith was Kisima Awards Afro-Fusion Artiste of the Year and Benga Artiste of the Year Nominee. She has also performed during the Kikwetu festival. She also featured at the Mitumba-A-Happening series of dance and musical shows staged in Cologne, Germany, Tanzania and Kenya.

In 2013, Judith launched her debut 10-track album titled Mama Afrika. Her regular tours across the globe have borne fruits, with the artiste picking up assorted elements and influences from different cultures - an aspect evident in her songs.

Judith Bwire