Juukua is a fusion singing Quintet from Mombasa, Kenya. The group was formed in 2012.Their story has been a turbulent one. The group of musicians and mates set out to share their loves of music and art with the rest of the world and also to change the music scene in Mombasa and leave a positive impact.

MEMBERS: Enos Ajode Opiyo, Victoria Akinyi Ofula, Julliet Adhiambo Mumia, Henry Omollo Ominde, Winnie Bwire Ndubi

Seeping out of the sewers, Juukua is here to insult your beliefs and assault your senses positively through their expressive lyrics and sound. Their sound is a fusion of modern contemporary with native traditional sounds.



This was the group's first single since forming in 2012. A beautiful HD video was released alongside the audio on 28th Feb 2015 and got a great reception.

This was the Second release which happened On mother's day 10th May 2015. Minwa is a luo word meaning (our mum).The song is out to celebrate all the great mums.

This is our recently released single. The song sets out to encourage anyone who is going through any form of discouragement, Hardships and struggle.

Local Influences:
SautiSol, Suzanna Owiyo, Dan Aceda, Dela, Atemi Oyungu and Eric Wainaina

Shared Bills With:
Sauti Sol, Suzanna Owiyo, Ruth Matete, Nyota Ndogo and Anto NeoSoul among others.

Career Highlights:

  • - Playing at the six day 2015 Samaritan's Purse Africa Ministry Conference held in Zanzibar Island.
  • - Being incorporated in the MOMBASA INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FESTIVAL, the largest Carnivore ever held in Mombasa in 2013 , 2014 and 2015.
  • - Holding our own Singing Competition dubbed "JUKWAA SAUTI PROJECT" and seeing its success singlehandedly without any sponsors.
  • - Holding Minwa (our mum) Gala that we organized .The community helped identify women in the coastal community who've had a huge positive impact in the lives of people. These women were awarded and honored and also got bridges to expand their activities through the Mombasa county Women's representative Hon. Mishi Mboko Juma.
  • - The releases of our first, second and third singles Expressions, Minwa, Nyamala and the positive reception the songs bring in.
  • - Being featured as an act to play in Roots International "Thursday Nite Live at Choices", a spot graced by some of the regions musical greats.

The group has had several performances most notably in the following events among many others

  • Featured in the famous Power Breakfast Show live on Citizen 2014 & 2015.
  • Featured on the KTN's Sunrise live show in 2012.
  • Organized a concert with exchange students from Taiwan and the United States courtesy of the Aga Khan academy.
  • Provided entertainment at various up market restaurants and resorts in the region such as The Swahili beach resort , Sheeba Lounge , The Maji resort , Sarova Whitesands , The Medina Palms resort in Watamu among many others.
  • Performed at and with institutions such as DeansBrook Academy, Mombasa Academy and Aga Khan Academy's-voices for change.
  • Took part in the 2012 Samosa Festival in a musical play titled "Tides" by BBC Award Winning Playwright Kuldip Sondhi at the Kenya National Theatre.
  • Held its first ever concert THE DREAM ALIVE CONCERT in October 2012 at the Little Theater Club Mombasa.
  • Was live in concert with Ruth Abel Matete - Tusker project fame winner 2012.
  • Juukua the band was featured in a charity concert in conjunction with Sauti Sol to help take 100 children in the Tana Delta region of Kenya back to school after the reported clashes in the area.
  • Held its First ever caroling concert in style concert namely Mingle with Jingles which is to be an annual event.
  • Partnered with USAID to preach PEACE in Kenya through music via a Live Band Caravan. One of its kind in Mombasa.
  • Performed at Alliance Fran├žaise de Mombasa on Fete de la Musique with Suzanna Owiyo a renowned afro soul star.
  • Staging an official Juukua release concert dubbed 'UNVEILED'

The group is still young but with time and adequate resources it shall realize it`s mandate of empowering youth talent.

Current Activity:
Preparing for the release of our first album.

Juukua now firmly have their sights set on bringing their live show to as many new people as they can and releasing an album early 2016.


We cover but are not limited to Weddings, Birthdays, House Parties and Corporate events.

JUUKUA live at choices Thursday Nite Live in August 2015

Enos Ajode Opiyo
Guitarist, singer , songwriter

Winnie Bwire Ndubi
Singer, songwriter , band stylist

Juliet Auka Mumia
Guitarists, singer, songwriter

Henry Omollo Ominde
Singer, songwriter

Victoria Ofula Akinyi
Singer, songwriter