A Kenyan song was unveiled early this year, against the backdrop of Action 2015 - the post MDGs campaign officially launched in Nairobi in January.

This global movement aims to inspire, mobilize, and empower marginalized communities to collectively tackle root causes of among other pressing social inequities - injustice, poverty and climate change.

The Action/2015 campaign essentially also provides a platform to stimulate dialogue between the young and elderly generations about the kind of world they want for the future.

In its contribution to the campaign, local partners HelpAge International Kenya and the Organization of African Youth mooted a musical project bringing together well known veteran and upcoming artistes. Some of the artistes involved in the initiative included keyboardist John Katana, veteran musicians John Nzenze, Teddy Kalanda and afro-fusion singer/nyatiti player Judith Bwire 'Mama Afrika'.

Singer/actress Avril Nyambura and rapper Dar Mjomba represented the younger generation, upcoming hip-hop musicians. The musicians were collectively backed up by the four-piece Afro-Simba band - comprised of Kombo 'Burns' Chokwe (guitarist), Morris Kivisi (drums), Eddy Dena (bassist) and Walter Mwangombe (Keyboards).

Both renowned as prolific music makers during the 1970s through the 80s, Nzenze and Kalanda joined the younger artistes to compose Hoja Zetu - an official campaign song unveiled as a climax of the Action-2015 agenda campaign in Kenya.

This song initiative is part of a concerted global campaign, seeking to spearhead citizens-driven movements to pressurize local and global leaders to implement policies to address their most pressing needs.

Whereas Nzenze and Kalanda spiced up the composition with their mellow voices, Judith injected an indigenous flavour onto the campaign song as she strummed the Luo eight-string nyatiti (kamba nane) tradition harp.