Swahili for 'Thirst', Kiu is the name and clearly three is NOT a crowd! Comprising of Tracy, Rosa and Pauline here to quench your unquenchable thirst for quality music. Blending their harmonies effortlessly, each with their own unique voices and unmatched musical ability.

KIU was formed in April 2013, the three met while studying music at Penya's renowned Sauti Academy, artist development program. Only a week later they had their first performance at Nairobi's Hilton hotel and they have been working hard together ever since.

Recently signing a two year contract with boutique production house, Motion Image and Sound, they plan on carving out and greater place for themselves in the East African and African music market.

Though not confining themselves to one genre, their music can be generally considered 'Afro-Pop,' inspired by singers like Zahara, Asa and India Arie. These young talented women are only getting started and you can be sure to see them soaring high amongst the top artists in the region soon.

Download Kiu Band profile including the gig list in pdf format