Undisputedly, the past couple of years have been significantly monumental on the international visual arts circles.

From predominantly African-American states in the US to Third World nations across Africa - thousands of dollars are raked in accrued from the sales of artworks depicting US President Barrack Obama.

Graffiti artists, painters, collectors and galleries continue to cash in from an ever-growing boom and spiraling demand for paintings, posters, and artistic banners of America's 44th President.

Auction houses scattered across major international cities especially in the UK, US and Europe register huge sales since Obama was voted into the White House.

During the last quarter of 2008 for instance, US-based Def Jam Recordings founder Russell Simmons hosted the annual celebrity-studded benefit event.

The event's highlight was artist Shepard Fairey's stencilled Obama portrait aptly titled Hope being up on auction.

The pre-bidding offers shot to $60,000, double its initial estimate even before official bidding commenced.

However, much of the sustained Obama fever significantly revolves around 'street art'. This predominantly graffiti-inspired genre depicts US President in posters, stickers and banners besides other art-forms displayed in public spaces.

Closer home, a few years ago Nairobi-based sculptor and visual artist Otieno Kota injected an interesting twist and artistic dimension to the Obama mania.

His solo exhibition titled Sokoni Toi held at the GoDown Arts Centre showcased a three-part series artworks titled Aliens.

Each piece, mounted on a dark-hued, framed wooden backdrop - represented two 'O's - Obama and Odinga. The artist used painted masks, alongside nails, stripes of metal and sackcloth.

"I decided to title the pieces Aliens because these two political personalities may have little in common but have each struck a chord with hundreds of Kenyans," explains Kota.

This trend may not be a new phenomenon on the international visual arts landscape. But it is indisputable, no other leader or popular political figure, has generated as much creative fodder or inspiration as President Obama.

Grafitti depicts President Obama.