Africa is home to an expansive array of rock art varieties in comparison to those found in any other region globally. An expanse of extensive varied styled-rock art sites, have been mapped out across rural Kenya.

In Western Kenya, several Counties among other select regions across the country lay claim to the rare ancient rock art sites. Africa's ancient rock paintings are identified as been small stone plaquettes, most of which depict fading yet still distinctive images of animals.

These were excavated from a rock shelter in Namibia and are believed to date back 28, 000 years - an estimate derived from charcoal deposits found in layers of rocky sediments.

Indisputably, some of the world's documented oldest rock art concentrations can be found in numerous locations across the continent, besides a diverse variety of artistic rock croppings and engravings.

Koffi Annan, one-time United Nations Secretary General is quoted, asserting that "..Africa's rock art is not just African, but a common world heritage [for] all people.. It is without doubt, a legacy for all humanity irrespective of race or creed."

Over recent years, rock paintings unearthed in more than thirty [30] different Africa countries are portrayed as magnificent masterpieces of undiluted ancient art, comparable to treasured works of art displayed globally in prestigious galleries or museums.

The earliest known active period of rock art in the Sahara region was characterized by large, life-size engravings of hippos, elephants, crocodiles, rhinos, giraffes and buffalos.

This could be a pointer they were painted or engraved during fertile spells before the desert encroachment crept in gradually. Human figures are however also evident on engravings though these are dwarfed by the animal's sheer immensity.

Past excavations have unearthed painted rock art fragments dating between 18,000 to 22,000 years in Zimbabwe. In Southern Africa - aspects of rock art are related to existing traditional artistic Bushmen paintings, no doubt a significant indicator of intense painting and engraving activity in the region.