Sali Oyugi is a Singer/Songwriter and Social Activist with a dual heritage from Kenya and Tanzania. She grew up in Nairobi, Kenya where her father is from and spent many days in her mother's homeland of Tanzania. As a young girl, Sali cherished her dual cultural heritage and took the time to study the traditional rhythms, songs and dances from both the Luo people of Kenya and the Zigua people of Tanzania. The result has been the beautiful rhythms and sounds Sali brings forth in her guitar playing and vocals during her performances.

Sali started performing while still residing in Kenya where she mainly worked under the sponsorship of the French Cultural Center, which regularly hosted multi-cultural festivals that brought Artists from various parts of the world together. Sali played extensively at the local clubs and art-centers including The Carnivore (Simba Saloon), Hard-Rock cafe- Nairobi, L'Ora Blu, Goethe Institute- Nairobi, Safari Park Hotel where she shared stages with renowned South African musician Hugh Masekela. This then led to a U.K. trip in 1997, where she performed at a Solar Energy Convention. It was during this time that she met with renowned Kenyan Singer/Songwriter, Ayub Ogada who after hearing Sali's compositions remarked that Sali was undoubtedly on the right track. After this trip, Sali released her first solo project - a three song C.D., which received rave reviews and frequent air-play in her hometown, Nairobi.

"Sali is all set to be Kenya's musical ambassador..."- The Daily Nation.

Another Kenyan daily called her "...Kenya's own Miriam Makeba..."- The Standard.

"Sali Oyugi, the voice of East Africa…"- World Rhythm Magazine (Boston)

For several years Sali was based in Boston, Massachusetts (USA), where she performed with many local, well respected musicians and ensembles, including Wesley Wirth (bass), who has performed with the likes of King Sunny Ade and teaches at the New England Conservatory of Music, Mikhael Mirsha (bass)-vast experience in funk and world-beat bands, Luis Blanco (percussions) who studied at the Berkelee College of Music and has vast experience with Afro-Cuban ensembles, Amadu Rodriguez (congas)-experienced in Caribbean and Congolese rumba music, Mordecai Austrie and Harvey Wirt (drums)-vast experience with Afro-Caribbean ensembles and formerly at Berkelee College of Music, Steve Desrosiers on guitar- who has vast experience playing with renowned Afro-Caribbean ensembles, Raja Kassis (guitar)- has vast experience in West African music, Leo Genovese on Keyboard/Piano - who has worked with renowned Latin ensembles and studied at Berkelee College of Music and Joe Omicil on horns (sax) formerly at Berkelee College of Music. David Eure (violin)- Teaches at the New England Conservatory of Music, David Ross (guitar) based in New York City, Mark Torgerson (guitar)- vast experience in Congolese music.

Sali Oyugi has indeed made her presence felt in the New England area where she has played at the Somerville Theatre, curtain raising for acclaimed world music performer/composer , Oliver "Tuku" Mutukudzi, performed at the Middle East Cafe, Ryles Jazz Club, The Western Front Club, The Cyclorama - Boston Center for the Arts, The Cambridge Multi-Cultural Art Center. She headlined the world music stage during the national arts convention First Night - Boston which attracts close to 1 million people on New Years Eve, the NEMO festival, The Cambridge River Festival, The Central Square World's Fair Festival, and the Wake up the Earth Festival. She headlined at the Africa in April Festival in Memphis, Tennessee.

Sali has worked with master kora player and griot Balla Tounkara from Mali, who is featured in her album "Vuma!". Sali makes a vocal appearance in Tounkara's much acclaimed album titled Yayoroba ; Master African Drummer and Choreographer from Mali Joe "Sidi" Camara, Internationally acclaimed Kenyan Afro-Beat band Jabali Africa. Her first album "Vuma!" was released on July 26, 2002 and got amazing reviews and media coverage. Her second and most recent album "The Return: Journey back to the Source" was successfully released on December 7th, 2007.

In June 2009 Sali did her homecoming concert at the Goethe Institute in Nairobi after being away for many years, kicking off her legacy concert series tagged "FOOTPRINTS CONCERT SERIES". After a couple more performances at the French Cultural Center and other Nairobi cultural music venues, Sali decided to go back into the studio to work on new music. It was during this period that she had to deal with the tragedy of losing her beloved mother. Sali took a break from live performances and decided to delve deep into her inner self and create music about the various emotions she was experiencing. The result was her Gospel Album titled "Asante Baba", where she reaches out to her Creator for strength and gives thanks for how far she has come in the journey of life.

Sali is currently the founder and C.E.O of an arts organization known as Leko Arts Initiative whose Vision is to see vulnerable children and youth from the toughest neighborhoods thrive and develop into responsible citizens through receiving hands-on, professional instruction in the performing arts with a special focus on African cultural music. The organization is based in Nairobi, Kenya. After a lot of research, Sali realized that these inner-city children tend to get into self-destructive behavior after they leave school in the afternoons on weekdays and on weekends because they lack a place that is accessible where they can develop their creativity. This is what led Sali to start the Leko Arts Initiative strategically running arts programs during after school hours and on weekends.

On April 22nd, 2015 Sali Oyugi performed at the Phoenix Players Theater in a showcase featuring the beneficiaries of her arts organization, Leko Arts Initiative and the Octave Band. Guest performances were by renowned Kenyan musicians Olith Ratego and Hustlajay who have played key roles in the Mentorship program at Leko Arts Initiative. On June 11th Sali Oyugi and her band Asilia band performed at the Roots International concert series that runs every Thursday at Choices, on Baricho road in Nairobi, followed by a headlining spot at the monthly showcase held at the Godown Arts Center popularly known as The GoDown Gig. She is also back in the studio working on a new album as she continues to perform live with her new band, Asilia Band.