Them Mushrooms is arguably one of Kenya's enduring and evergreen musical groups. The band, originally founded over four decades ago in 1972, stands out among the Coastal region's consistent musical outfits. Over the years, Them Mushrooms band has earned accolades and prominence locally on the basis of the hit song Jambo Bwana's popularity.

The track had clinched a milestone after it reportedly sold over 200,000 units between 1982 and 1987. These high sales translated in the band being awarded the coveted platinum certification in Kenya. The globally famous Jambo Bwana composition was recorded in 1980, with Teddy Kalanda Harrison on lead vocals - became the band's outstanding hit song. For several decades, it turned into a signature anthem on the tourist circuit and still remains popular, both locally and abroad.

During the formative years, the band would regularly perform along the Mombasa Island's beach hotels circuit until around mid 1980s, when they shifted their coastal music influences to Nairobi in 1987.

In 2002, th0], Mama Africa [1983], New Horizons [1985], At the Carnivore [1987], Going Places [1988] Almost There [1989], Where We Belong [1990], Kazi Ni Kazi [1996], Ni Hiyo [1998] and Uyoga [2004] among others.

When not touring other countries, Them Mushrooms performs within a schedule of between three to four weekly shows. The band gets engagements to showcase their musical prowess at corporate and brand launch events in Nairobi, Mombasa and across parts of Kenya.

Them Mushrooms - Performances/Concerts:
# Addis Ababa # Dire Dawa # Woliso # Jimma # Sodere [Ethiopia].
# Bujumbura [Burundi] # Arusha # Dar-es-Salaam # Moshi [Tanzania] # Kampala [Uganda].
# Gaborone [Botswana] # Djibouti city [Djibouti] # Mahe [Seychelles] # Rabat [Morocco].
# Dubai # Abu Dhabi # Al Ain # Sharjah [United Arab Emirates] # Manama [Bahrain].
# Arriccia [Italy] # Athens [Greece] # Copenhagen [Denmark] # Zurich [Switzerland].
# Africa Center - London [Britain] # Mount Abu [India].

Them Mushrooms original lineup