The Alliance Fran├žaise, located on the fringes of Nairobi's central business district, is hosting a unique and thought-provoking Photo Exhibition simply titled Zanzibar - A Tale Beyond Fiction. On showcase are eye-catching images captured through the roving lens of Franco-American photographer Ania Gruca.

Globally renowned and celebrated as a documentary and portrait specialist, shuttling between professional assignments in New York and East Africa, Ania boldly examines the delicate beauty, strength and evolving place of women living in Zanzibar.

The images are taken against a backdrop of rising currents driven by waves of foreign influences sweeping across the Island that is predominantly Islamic, whose religious doctrines have for decades loomed, like a shadow over women's lifestyle choices.

There is little doubt the exhibition achieves its objective - shedding light through a visual representation of women as being strong yet subtly visible members in the Zanzibar society.

Some images reflect sublime undercurrents, which besiege an emerging generation of ambitious and less laid-back women - caught between pursuit to attain education and still be actively involved in a fast-changing society.

Unlike in the past, when specific regulations stipulated traditional female responsibilities in a mainly Islamic society, some of the rigid gender roles now face an assault from seemingly relentless pressures attributed to modernity and multiple contemporary influences.

But more significantly, the appeal for photographic exhibitions locally, underscores gradual growth on a global movement that utilizes the medium and art of photography, not only to explore but also articulate pressing societal issues.

The previously restrictive role of women in especially in African communities has, over recent years, been under immense scrutiny driven by concerted efforts seeking to narrow the gap between genders for general well-being of the larger community.

For those with an eye for expressive art, this exhibition aptly builds upon its theme - A Tale Beyond Fiction. The images on display not only interrogate the spirited quest to rally behind women's empowerment. They also bring to the fore photography's uniqueness as a medium to celebrate and capture the mystical beauty of the African woman.